**2018 ORDERS**


This item is a $50 NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT to be applied towards the purchase of your very own custom made Hamsa! Purchasing this $50 item guarantees you a spot on our 2017 order list.



Thank you for your interest in a HAMSA HANDPAN! This item is a $50 NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT to be applied towards the purchase of your very own custom made Hamsa! Purchasing this $50 item guarantees you a spot on our 2018 order list. Here are just some of the scale choices for your order. These are some of our recently finished instruments, all great scales for Hamsa Handpans. This is NOT an exclusive list of scales, just some recently finished instruments to showcase our sound and show some options. CLICK ON THE SCALE NAME BELOW FOR VIDEO!

E Halcyon
(E) G# A B E F# G B D#

G Magic Voyage mini
(G) Bb D F G A Bb D

E Golden Sun
(E) G# B C# E F# G# B D#

G Akebono
(G) C D Eb G Ab C D Eb

F# Celtic Voyage
(F#) A C# E F# G# A B C#

D Orion
(D) A C D Eb F# G A C

F# Arboreal mini
(F#) C# D E F# A C# D# E

G# Kurd mini
(G#) D# E F# G# A# B C# D#

F Raga Desya Todi
(F) A C D E F G A C

B Celtic Minor
(B) F# A B C# D E F#

****Again, this is NOT AN EXCLUSIVE LIST OF SCALE OPTIONS! Just recent ones to show our current quality. We are happy to make any scales you see from our youtube channel, as well as scales from other makers or custom ones too!****


We will be taking a maximum of 20 orders this round, so each instrument gets the utmost care and individual attention, and is completed and shipped in a timely manner. You can expect a turn around time of about 2-3 months.


Currently, the base price for a Hamsa Handpan is be $1999 US ($1949 owed at completion). This price includes an 8 note Hamsa Handpan, a custom Namana backpack case, and a handpan care kit (case and kit valued over $200). If you would like a scale with 9 or 10 notes, it will cost $100 additional per note. For example, an Equinox has 9 notes in the scale, with the notes (F) Ab C Db Eb F G Ab C, and would cost a total of $2099. Bottom notes are also available for $150 per note.


All of our Hamsas are nitrided and heat treated extensively to prevent corrosion and to stabilize the tone fields. All of our instruments come with a hand made one of a kind Hamsa hand design on the bottom shell of the instrument. We also offer custom artwork for an additional charge (usually $100-400) and this can be incorporated into the top and bottom shell.


We have made a wide variety of scales in the past, and are open to making new ones as well! You are welcome to pick from an existing scale we have made, or if you have a favorite scale in mind we are happy to make you any custom scale at no extra charge! If you need help picking a scale, please email me at Stevan@hamsahandpans.com and we can work together to find you the perfect scale! You can check out our YouTube channel as well to see what we have made before, or find your favorite from another maker and we would be happy to make that too!

We are currently working with 2 different sizes. Our 21″ instruments are the standard size, and our 18″ instruments we call minis! Both the standard size and the mini are the same price as the same amount of labor goes into both. The final sound quality and volume is the same between the 2 sizes. The benefit of the mini is that it is much easier for traveling and also for children to play. The benefit of the standard size is more room for more notes or lower notes. The mini is more limited in scale choice because of the limited surface area. Please email us at Stevan@hamsahandpans.com with any questions regarding the differences and limitations of the sizes!


We currently ship anywhere in the world! We ship with either FedEx or USPS. Customer is responsible for shipping costs at the time of balance due. Local pick up at our shop in downtown Los Angeles is also an option.